One thing I realised once we boarded in Cape Town was that it was windy – that, of course, is an understatement: it was extremely windy. This meant I had to rethink the hairstyles I wanted to do as most of them included wearing loose hair. Luckily, I’ve mastered a few braided hairstyles throughout the years and I’m glad I thought of doing braids as it was functional and still looked picture-ready. The braids that worked for me were alternatives to the boxer braid. I wanted to keep as much hair tucked out of my face as possible and thus the boxer braid was perfect. As I have naturally straight hair I regularly sleep with my boxer braids as the next morning they’re still intact and have a nice lived-in messy look. I did this whilst being in Cape Town and the next day simply tied the two braids together at the nape of my neck with a transparent elastic and then untied the braids so that I’d have a low ponytail and then made a single braid out of the ponytail and tied it off. You could also do boxer braids that end in two low ponytails or boxer braids that ended in two high buns – the options are endless. I also did a normal bun and it worked fine but my baby hairs were less controlled and flew into my face a lot.


Have any windy hair hacks? Share them in the comments below.

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