I know. I know. Not another weight loss article. Before you get discouraged and munch at that bag of chips you hold so dearly to your heart and declare war on all things healthy – hear me out. My weight loss journey is, for the lack of another word, a strange one. I’ve always tried to live a healthy lifestyle but never really saw results until I suddenly (and unintentionally) lost 7kgs.

You must be wondering why I specifically used ‘unintentionally’ – because that can’t be healthy. Not to worry, it wasn’t the result of starvation or other harmful tactics that are frowned upon. It was due to a drastic change in my habits, circumstances and mindset. Here’s the scoop on how I managed to miraculously drop 7 kilos.


It was the end of a really long vacation – our matric vacation. Which I spent eating way too many croissants. Anyway, I thought that reduced stress levels and more free time would help me to finally burn some fat and get into shape. It turns out my hopes were too high.

I only saw a change when I started varsity. Our first week was packed with a full day of activities – which clashed with my eating schedule. So, I didn’t find time to eat as much as I normally would. This modified my eating habits semi-permanently. I realised that I functioned normally even though I was consuming fewer calories and because my mind was constantly occupied I didn’t notice anything different.


I didn’t have as much time to eat as I would have liked too. Thus, I started focusing on choosing healthier options that would keep me fuller for longer. This also made sure I still consumed enough protein and other important nutrients throughout my day. Having a busier schedule automatically cut out the time I spent snacking. Instead of eating 5 small meals a day: I resorted to eating 3 bigger meals and drank loads of water in between. The reason for having lost as much weight as I did is also attributed to not eating refined sugar or gluten products.

According to ‘That Sugar Film’ consuming high levels of refined sugar ultimately results in the storage of fat around your waist area – among other things. This isn’t the reason I stopped eating sugar but it does help to know this if you want to shed off a few inches around your waste. One easy way to lose fat is to cut out refined carbs – this is basically instantly converted to fat if not used. Personally, I’m sensitive to gluten and so cutting it out of my diet also attributed to me slimming down.


I never knew that walking of all things would help me lose as much weight as I did. In varsity, all we did was run around campus the first few weeks. I didn’t realise how much exercise I was actually getting in. On top of that, I’d try to do a 20 min jog twice a week. I also try and get a Pilates session in once a week so that I don’t lose too much muscle mass. Prior to this, I was only getting exercise in at least once a week.

Got any weight loss tips worth sharing? Mention them in the comments below.

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