Urban Decay has been a consumers favourite for as long as I can remember. Their Palettes could be found in every makeup gurus collection and they still seem to be well- loved.

Like any brand, Urban Decay has some killer products that are staples in makeup routines. A good makeup setting spray is something everyone should have in their makeup routines but is not always so easy to find in South Africa – luckily Urban Decay has got you covered. Their All Nighter and Chill setting sprays are best sellers and complete any makeup look. The All Nighter setting spray prolongs the wear of your makeup and when applied lets the layers of makeup on your face melt together – making your makeup look more natural. The Chill setting spray gives the skin a dewy glow – which is recommended to be used on normal to dry skin.

The same good things can be said about their multitude of palettes. The palettes that are more likely to be available in South Africa are the four full-sized and two mini eyeshadow palettes. Their eyeshadows, in general, are very pigmented and do not disappoint. Depending on your shade preference there is a palette for everybody. The Naked, Naked 3 and Naked Heat eyeshadow palettes seem to be the most loved. The Naked palette contains standard warm nude eyeshadows that can be used to create any makeup look. The Naked 2 palette is more cool-toned. The Naked 3 palette is filled with pink and purple toned eyeshadows that are beautiful – making this palette a nice addition to someone who already has a variety of neutral shadows. The Naked heat palette has very warm toned shadows that are super on-trend right now. The larger palettes contain eyeshadows with various formulas and all have a nice range of colours. The two mini palettes are the Naked Basics and Naked Basics 2 palettes. These palettes are perfect for the minimalists and are very travel-friendly. Urban Decay also has singles eyeshadows of a large range that can be purchased.

I think their most impressive product is their Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. The love for this product by the beauty community is undeniable. It isn’t drying or cakey. The concealer has a beautiful natural finish that beats a lot of concealers on the market.

I’ve mentioned their Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners before but in case you’ve missed it: they’re absolutely amazing as an eyeshadow topper or as a glitter liner. After they dry they don’t budge and are perfect for a glam or holiday look – the gold shade Midnight Cowboy is highly recommended.

I was intrigued by the display of Urban Decay’s lipsticks in store. They have a decent shade range of lipsticks that I’ve heard are very pigmented. Their lipliners also seem to be good quality. There are also a lot of products that I’m not familiar with, like their foundations, but I’m sure the staff at the store will be happy to enlighten you with regards to that.



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