You know that moment when you realise the solution to your problem was staring you right in the face? That happened to me not too long ago. What is it? You might ask. Well, the simple answer is hypoallergenic mascara.

Ever since I can remember, wearing makeup was a challenge. Partially because when you’re a newbie the overexcitement results in you intentionally, but obliviously, giving yourself racoon eyes or joker’s lips – without it being Halloween. However, this wasn’t the main problem. Eye makeup always made me tired. I would feel sleepy, minutes after application, which influenced how I enjoyed social occasions. I didn’t know what it was or why it happened. It was not until I finally tried out hypoallergenic mascara for the first time that I came to the conclusion that eye makeup was causing my eye irritation.

Using Clinique’s High Impact Waterproof Mascara was definitely a game changer. It not only adds volume and lasting length to your lashes but it’s black as can be and does not budge. When you struggle to take off your mascara you know they weren’t kidding about it being waterproof.

Another alternative is Almay’s mascaras. All their mascaras are suitable for individuals with sensitive eyes and are also budget-friendly. If you’re looking for a good deal: Takealot has the best prices and they also deliver right to your door.

 Have any favourite mascaras worth mentioning? Share them in the comments below.

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