My mother has always been a Body Shop enthusiast and so logically I was bound to become one myself. Their Body Butters trigger a mild nostalgia of my mid-teen years. Similarly, their fragrant body washes instinctively bring a smile to my face once I catch a whiff of their scent. There’s not much to a moisturizer or body wash but The Body Shop makes something so simplistic an experience. I’ve always enjoyed entering their store at the possibility of falling in love with yet another one of their products. Throughout the years I’ve been gravitating to their Body Butters that are more beneficial than sweet-smelling. I fell in love with their Coconut Body Butter as it is very moisturizing and leaves your skin beautifully glowing. It also has a lovely coconut scent that never disappoints.

As for their body wash the Satsuma one is an absolute dream. The great thing about their body washes is that they also come in jumbo containers with dispensers which pump out a small amount – which makes it easy to use less product and save money.

I almost always stock up on their products at their regular 3 for 2 sales and as their products last me months on end I don’t need to purchase them often.


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