Great expectations

Finding something unexpectedly that you end up falling in love with is a great feeling. It always makes me feel chuffed with myself for actually buying into something I’m maybe not too certain about. This month’s pleasing purchase was something completely unique: ribbon laces.

Search & Find

I was helping out my friend’s little sister with finding some shoes and pants last month. We finished picking out the shoes she wanted at Cotton-on and was heading to the till when I saw ribbon shoelaces. Another one of my friends often wore ribbons with her sneakers when her laces were worn-out or over-stretched – immediately, I thought she’d love a pair and wanted to get one.

Here’s The Deal

Coincidentally, there was a sale going on: 3 pairs of socks and/or shoelaces for R100.00. As the laces were R50.00 to R80.00 each is was a deal I couldn’t pass on. Ironically, we all got the same navy blue, white, pink and yellow striped laces – which a lot of people have gushed over. I’m not one to focus on the lesser details of something that would seem like an unnecessary accessory but I was surprised at how nice they looked with my white sneakers and how much I liked them. I went back and bought 6 more (don’t worry I gave away some too). It really is a nice touch to any outfit.

The Creative

Alternatively, these laces can be DIY’ed. Simply, buy the correct length of ribbon and then add an aglet (shoelace tip) to it. You don’t even have to add an aglet: you can cut the ribbons in a chevron shape. This prevents them from fraying. If you feel like getting really creative: experiment with the type and texture of ribbons you pair with what colour aglet. you can even try tye-dying the laces if you fancy – as you can see the possibilities are endless.

Great Lengths

Here’s a guide on shoelace lengths according to Nike



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