What do you value in your life? Is the first thing that comes to mind materialist objects? Or is it the things you can’t put words to – that’s intangible yet has value beyond measure?

Something that we all seek, if we’d have to narrow it down, is love. Acceptance. This can come in many forms and yet can all satisfy the same need.




This year has been filled with eyeopening experiences – especially of diversity. Pursuing a tertiary education launched that initial shock and excitement of new social endeavours. An exposure to people with differing cultures, personalities, behaviours and viewpoints.

These colourful experiences birthed something in me – a search of sorts. I slowly started looking for a specific quality in the people I met – so unintentional that it seemed only natural. After trial and error, I came to the realisation. It was passion. The thing I valued and appreciated so dearly in my friends (and in my life) was child-like enthusiasm: their endless excitement and moments of pure infatuation over their dreams and hobbies.

Meet Kate

Talented. Ambitious. Visionary.

She is one of the lovely individuals whose passion has impacted me – in more ways than one. Like many young creatives out there: Kate has adopted photography as her own outlet of passion. However, she isn’t like most people. Her talent can speak for itself – blatant in every photograph. So can the undeniable effort, blood, sweat and tears behind every moment captured.

What you do not see is the perfection and care that goes into every piece of her work. The personal sacrifices taken to give families a means of remembering joyous occasions: weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Her personal standards of excellence aren’t confined to her personal life. They seep into every crevice of her world – along with her love and passion. Her interests don’t stop there either. She is highly motivated about health, human welfare and social media marketing.

But above every good quality and skill, what I value most about Kate is her friendship. This is an appreciation post to her: the incredible person she is and all the great things she’s accomplished so far.


So if the essence of our being craves to be loved: don’t go through life with people that don’t see your value. Find those people that get you. Stirs something in you – unawakened potential, dreams, interest. When you find a person like that you can’t help but become inspired. There’s a renewal of sorts – one that you can’t really pinpoint. It’s a switch. Deep down. Like you’ve been digging in dust and hit a momentous spring of water.

Be thankful for the people you value in your life and let them know. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said:  “You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.”

Kate, this one’s for you. Thank you.



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