I’ve always been one that enjoys making gifts personal. Regardless of who it’s for or for what occasion. Recently I discovered a decently easy yet completely customisable way to add a personal touch to gifts. It’s nothing new or mindblowing but embroidery has been all the rage these days (more so than usual).

You can elevate a plain pair of socks to a piece of trendware with a single addition of embroidery. Individuals stand in queues for customised embroidered jeans at designer events – which are embellished on the spot. It instantly increases the worth, appeal and sentimentality of an item. The fact that almost anything in any colour can be embroidered had me inspired to give it a go. You can try to do it by hand but the easiest and more timely method is to get it done professionally.

I went to Bernina: a sewing company’s store in Moreleta Park. My experience with having a denim jacket embroidered was very pleasant. You pick the colour of the thread and then proceed to either choose lettering or an image you want to embroider. The embroidery can be placed almost anywhere on the item – depending on what the item is. The design process is computerised and so you can play around with the size and fonts until you’re satisfied – you can even download your own fonts in TrueType format and take the file along if your design includes it. It doesn’t take long either and the cost wasn’t too bad.

I found my inspiration from Brandy Melville’s Embroidery category on their website. There weren’t too many embroidered products that matched what I had in mind but it was a good starting block for what I had in mind.

I had black sweaters embroidered and someone pointed out that it looked exactly like something they’d purchase at one of their favourite clothing stores – that’s probably when you know you did it right.

Have you ever tried embroidering? What’s the cutest design you’ve seen? Share them in the comments below.

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