Ever heard of that saying: “sometimes what you’re looking for comes when you’re not looking at all”? I’ve recently found this to be true. Although that statement is pretty profound my experience wasn’t as breathtaking. I mean how substantial can a shopping experience be? Nevertheless, it had me thinking.

I recently was looking for pants that are appropriate for winter. To my dismay, my dedication to the distressed denim trend hasn’t been too rewarding in the change of seasons.

I got to Menlyn with a plan and a certain outcome in mind but then left without buying what I intended too – ironic I know. The funny thing is that after being indecisive for about an hour I walked out of the store, being ready to head home, and then instantly saw a pair of pants in a window; tried them on and then bought them. The inconsistency of a woman’s mind will never cease to amaze me.

What I found most interesting is that I’ve never had such a positive response from such a spontaneous purchase. It was one of those decisions that left me satisfied for days.

Even more, the pants I purchased was one of those checkered high waisted trousers that are a hit this season. I found them at Truworths out of all places and am in love. They’re comfortable, good quality and look great. Sometimes it’s worth it to take the risk and be spontaneous – even in the silliest situations like buying pants.


What’s your favourite winter fashion trend? Share them in the comments below.

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