Late last year it felt like prayers had been answered. South Africa finally brought some of the best-known international stores into our reach. Oddly, I wasn’t too keen on some of the stores. Their clothes were mainly trend-inspired and lacked originality. But boy was I mistaken. My recent experience at H&M basically changed my life. All previous judgments were chucked aside and I can now say I’m in love with the brand. Here’s why:

Spring day at my school was creeping closer. I had my outfit all planned out. I was going for a red polka-dot wrap dress and as most stores here didn’t stock it I was going to have it made. Having gotten the dates wrong I literally had two days to make the dress (talk about unexpected surprises).
Being pressed for time, my Mom and I put things into 5th gear and shopped like never before. Eventually, after looking in almost every store and then trying on seven pairs of jeans at H&M – I found the one. The jean of all jeans. High-waisted, knee slits and flattering – all a girl could hope for. I also picked up a shirt there and called it a day.

The best part was that I’ve never received so many compliments for wearing a jean before. My friends were so impressed that one of them actually went out to buy it the next day.

The whole experience was a much-appreciated learning curve and something that made me rethink my opinions about brands. Sorry H&M. So apparently that old saying is true: don’t judge a book by its cover – you might end up finding your favourite pair of jeans and having an eye opener in one go.

My dream jean:
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  1. H&M for the win ! Also, winning at life because this blog page is the coolest ! FIRST SUBSCRIBER !

  2. It really is a frustrating experience to shop tirelessly to find that perfect item. You are so right, there’s nothing like a good pair of jeans.

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