The Matric Formal is the pinnacle of your high school career. It is one of those moments you dream about from the moment you enter high school. For me, it almost seemed magical. I could perfectly construct what I wanted to wear and how I wanted to look. It was the only chance we would get in our high school years to really go all out in dressing up. If I hadn’t known what I did about fashion and makeup the ride would have been a lot bumpier than it was. So here are my tips and tricks on how to look effortlessly stunning at your Matric Formal.

Step 1: research

To know what you want, how to execute it and what you’ll need to look your best at Matric Formal you need to get clued up on different beauty products available in South Africa and what dress, handbag and shoe fashions you are interested in.

Step 2: planning

The Matric Formal is one of those events that can get pricey – fast. In order to avoid additional expenses, you need to plan a budget. You would also need to make a list of all the makeup products you’ll need, clothing pieces and accessories you’ll wear and what will be in your clutch. If you don’t have a clue where to start – I’ve got you covered. You can look at my lists below or search for ones on Pinterest:


Keep in mind that the items listed above are only suggestions.

Step 3: The dress

The dress is basically the most important part. The dress is always remembered – bad or good. I had a very distinctive idea of how my dress needed to look and so the search was long and tedious which eventually resulted in me having a dress made. The best place to look for a trendy yet beautiful dress is Bride and Co. I found a multitude of lovely dresses there that I would have bought if I wasn’t so fixed on the idea of my dream dress. Forever New also has an exquisite selection of formal dresses that I’ve seen many girls wear.

If you want to have a dress made you need to know exactly what you want otherwise the dressmaker might use their creative freedom to create a dress that they like – that you might not. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for constructing a dress. I showed a combination of images to my dressmaker to help her visualize the end result that I wanted. The nice thing about the Pinterest images is that you can see how the different fabrics look when a dress is finished – this helped me greatly when I chose my dresses fabric.

What you wear under your dress is almost as important than your dress. Celebrities practically live in form-fitting underwear when they’re on the red carpet. Here’s a video explaining everything you need to know.


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