Voluminous hair. Doesn’t that sound like the dream? I’ve always struggled to maintain volume in my hair. Unfortunately, straight fine hair is the epitome of flatness in the world of hair. Not to worry, this all changed recently when I discovered L’Oreal Paris’s Elvive Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner – specifically the creme version.

Que The Music

Before I get into the juicy details: let me dish a bit on my hair journey. I’ve always prefered having lengthy locks over a shortish bob cut. However, this wasn’t always practical when it comes to volume. The longer my hair got the more weight it had and thus the flatter it looked. I tried volumising shampoos and conditioners which was very unsuccessful as they left my hair unpleasantly frizzy and funny-looking. I then resorted to trying different blow-drying techniques, which helped a bit, but never really made a big difference. The shampoos and conditioners I was using were completely wrong.

The Switch-up

I used to be solely devoted to L’Oreal’s Total Repair shampoo and conditioner but it made my hair very smooth, straight and flat. I wanted a product that had all the nourishing benefits but didn’t make me compromise on volume. Funny enough, I started using the Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner long before I realised its potential. I only used to apply it to the tips of my hair, to prevent breakage and split-ends, and applied the Total Repair one from my roots to about mid hair length. I believed a nourishing conditioner and shampoo would be very heavy – flattening my hair – but boy was I mistaken.

Chop Chop

The ‘new hair, new me’ bug bit me this year and I bravely decided to cut most of it off. I went for a style that was just below my shoulders which was layered (specifically around my face). Obviously, the loss of length aided in the volume department but sometimes I would still end up with extremely flat hair. I then had a vague recollection of a video I watched on getting volume in your hair in which L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil Nourishing products were used. I then decided to purchase the shampoo and proceeded to use them together from root to tip. To my surprise, the results weren’t what I expected!

Results – No Question

My hair was bouncy and voluminous for the first time ever. Something that’s also worth mentioning: is that my hair stayed cleaner for longer. My hair is on the oiler side and with the previous shampoos and conditioners I used it would start looking grouse the first day after I washed it. Now all that seems to be in the past.

Step by Step

The first things first, I just wash my scalp and roots with the shampoo. I avoid the ends so that I don’t intentionally dry them out and let them get clean with the residue which I applied to the top. I then apply the majority of the conditioner (about the size of a five rand coin) my tips and then whatever’s left I work into my roots. This is to not over saturate my roots and promote a greasy look. Finally, I partly towel-dry my hair and then proceed to blow dry it with my head upside down either on the cool or medium setting – to prevent unnecessary heat damage and increase volume. I won’t dry my hair completely: I dry my roots and then let the ends air dry. Then voilà! You’ll have nourished and voluminous hair.

Have any good volumising tips or hair products? Share them in the comments below.

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