Lip Liner. To some, this is one of those makeup products you don’t really see a use for or don’t even bother using. Why wear a lip liner when you’re going to apply a lipstick over? There are many reasons one would do so: like creating a shading effect on your lips or making your lipstick last longer. Ironically, that’s not how I’ve come to use lip liners. Years ago I hopped onto the lip liner trend thanks to the influence that Kylie Jenner had on the beauty industry. That was the first time I discovered Mac’s Lip Pencils and the different dupe products that followed suit.

As for the application part, I only recently found a comfortable way of wearing lip liners. Intentionally, I try and stick to lip liners that match or compliment my natural lip shade. I line the edges of my lips and then continue to lightly fill in the centre with a few strokes and then take my finger and blend the colour into my lips – to make it look more natural. Sometimes Mac Lip Pencil’s can be a bit chalky: so how I compensate for this by applying lip balm before I apply the liner or you could also leave the pencil in the sun for a few minutes before you apply it. I also apply lip balm after I apply a lip liner – only if I didn’t do so before applicationĀ – as it blends the colour into your lips and prevents my lips from becoming dry throughout the day.

In terms of dupe products for Mac Lip Pencils: the only one I’ve tried is the Nyx Slim Lip Pencil in Mauve. This lip liner is a popular substitute for Mac’s Whirl Lip Pencil as the colour and formula are very similar. The great thing is that The Nyx one is cheaper and the one I reach for more often. It is the perfect: ‘my lips but better’ shade. The colour basically lasts all day – leaving a residue of colour even after you eat. If the liner is too brown for my liking I dab a little lipstick on the centre of my lips and then blend to out to give them a pop of colour – my favourite is Mac’s Coral Bliss Lipstick. If you’re interested, check out my post: ‘Duty-Free Shopping Guide: Part 1‘ for other popular Mac lip liners.


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