Layered hair is great. It gives your hair body and definition, but there’s something no one ever mentions – fly-aways.

You might be dealing with second or third-day hair and want to try out a braided hairstyle. Everything is looking great, you know, until you get to the ends. When you get a comment from your dad (with elaborate hand gestures and a concerned expression) saying: “Your hair is fraying at the ends. Is it suppose to look like that?” – you know it’s a problem.

My Dad’s observation brought to my attention that it actually doesn’t look so great to do a three strand braid on layered hair. I then, reluctantly, accepted the challenge to find a new way of cleverly hiding my unwashed hair – you would think actually washing my hair would solve my problem but whose got time for that?

So, obviously, your hair gets the dirtiest at its root and to make it appear less oily the best way (excluding actually washing your hair) is to use dry shampoo. However, the point I’m getting and the solution to best-avoiding fly-aways is to do a fishtail braid instead of a standard three-strand braid. You might have beginners anxiety with braids and not think this solution is feasible but the fishtail braid is, from experience, the second easiest braid to reproduce.

I wore fishtail braids for two days straight, having slept with them in, and was truly satisfied with how they held up. When the ends started to fray it made the hairstyle look more lived-in and less structured – which is what everyone wants these days anyway. To complete the look I usually tie off the braid(s) with small clear elastics.

Have any layered hair hacks of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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