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Picking the most suitable highlighter for one’s skin tone is essential for a natural look. Nevertheless, there is a multitude of shades one can choose from if one favours a less natural look – from yellow to black to rainbow and so forth. The more unusual shades can be placed over a blush (like a pink highlight) or, as they are most commonly used, for events like music festivals. The mixing of shades is also common and can make finding the ‘perfect’ shade easier.

Fair skin is best compatible with a white or pearl highlighter.

Fair to Medium skin best suits a champagne highlighter.

Medium skin looks most natural with a highlighter between a champagne and bronze shade.

Deep skin favours a bronze highlighter.

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Despite the guide above one of the most loved and worn highlighters in the beauty community is a champagne highlighter which can basically work for everybody and if in doubt about which shade to choose a champagne highlighter is the one for you – like Champagne Pop from Becca.


The application of highlighters varies depending on the products formula and the amount of pigment one wants. The easiest way to apply liquid, gel and cream highlighters is with one’s fingers or a damp beauty sponge but for more precision, a brush can be used. A fan or small tapered brush is highly effective in applying powder highlighters with accuracy. For a natural look, a damp beauty sponge can be dabbed over the highlighted area – this technique works for all highlighter formulas. The only downside of highlighting is that if large pores, blemishes or wrinkles are within the area one wants to highlight; unwanted attention will be brought to these imperfections. Still, there are ways in which one can highlight having these imperfections – it typically entails using the most suitable primer, foundation and concealer formulas and techniques to minimise the appearance of these imperfections. One of the most clever and beautiful applications of highlighters for special occasions is to highlight the shoulders, collarbones, chest, arms and legs – giving you a Vitoria Secret model appeal. If one desires a blinding highlight one can spray a dewy makeup spray like Mac’s Prep and Prime Fix plus or eyedrops to one’s brush before applying the highlight.















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