For someone with naturally straight hair, it’s always been somewhat of a struggle getting my hair to hold a curl or maintain volume – until now. After I went swimming one day I let my hair air dry and put it in a low bun so that it was out of the way. When I finally let it down it was curly and to my amazement, it stayed curly. I realised that the chlorine in the pool must have been the culprit. I also realised that sea water has the same effect as a result of the high concentration of salt in the water. I then decided to try recreating my poolside curls by using a sea salt spray.

Sea salt sprays have been the talk of the town ever since their ability to make curled hair look more natural and beach-like were discovered. I’ve tried out a sea salt spray in the past but, to my disappointment, it never really did anything other than making my hair look dirty and smell heavenly – it also didn’t help my hair hold a curl better. The thing is it wasn’t the sea salt spray that wasn’t working; it was the way in which I was applying it to my hair that wasn’t.

This time around I sprayed it into my freshly-washed wet hair, avoiding my roots,  and combed my hair with a Tangle Teezer. I then blow-dried my hair on the lowest setting, as my fine hair easily gets split ends with higher settings, and tied my hair in two buns parting my hair through the middle so that I’d still have volume when I wear a side path. I try to make the buns as neat as possible and to tie them very tightly. After my hair has dried I simply take out my elastics and flip my head upside down and shake the curls loose from the roots of my hair. I then apply some L’oreal hairspray and voilà you should have beautiful loose beachy waves. I use the Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray as it has gotten great reviews but I’m sure there are plenty other good sprays on the market as well. I think that this technique will look amazing on short to medium length hair as that is then it will create the most volume.




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