Someone with dry skin is probably the first to jump on the face mask bandwaggon and get you to do the same. A hydrating face mask does wonders to replenish a dehydrated skin – from my experience anyway. I’ve heard countless YouTubers note the importance of using a hydrating mask before or during flights as the air in an aeroplane is recycled and thus very drying to the skin. Individuals with dry skin have especially been known to break out after long flights. Keeping this in mind I decided to try out a face mask before my trip to Cape Town. I headed out to Clicks and made the best out of a great 3 for 2 deal on Sorbet masks and purchased three of their Hydrating Serum Masks to share with my mom. I would personally opt for The serum mask as an additional step of first applying a serum to the face makes it different to the regular Hydrating Face Mask for only an R5.00 difference in price.


Hydrating Serum Mask Soothing

Hydrating Face Mask Clarifying & Moisturising

I’ve never before used a sheet mask and this experience had me hooked. Prior to using the mask, I had a few dry patches on my face which my foundation would stick to but after I used the mask the dry patches were completely gone and my foundation applied like a dream. The mask also seemed to calm my sensitive skin and had a cooling effect which was relaxing. Although It seems like I’m promoting this mask for dry skinned individuals only this mask can actually be used on everyone.

Another thing that I’ve been doing is to use the mask twice instead of the recommended use of once. The sheet mask is fully saturated in serum and thus there is excess serum left over in the sleeve that can be used for a second application. Also, one use of the mask doesn’t fully deplete the serum that the mask has absorbed. However, I recommend that the mask is used again the very next day as if the mask isn’t stored probably it can dry out. I simply fold the mask and place it back into the sleeve and use it the following day.

Face masks don’t just have to be used to prepare your skin for flying. You could always have a girls night in or treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Have any travel tips to keep your skin fresh? Share them in the comments below.

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