I thought I’d start off this month with a recap of March. March is always a busy month. We start off our varsity semester tests but yet I still had enough time to frantically binge on movies and series – why am I not surprised? Apparently, procrastination makes you more creative. Not sure how well that turned out. Here are some of the things I tried or discovered this month: Music Lauv’s new album July by Noah Cyrus Selena Gomez’ new album Better Days by One republic Wrong Direction by Hailee Steinfeld I’ve always had this curiosity when it comes to celebrities and who they’reRead More →

Starting this month, I want to blog every day. Not in a ‘I’m pressured and it’s weighing me down’ kinda way. More in a, ‘I’ve found so many wonderful things I want to remember and I get to share’ kinda way. If you’re like any human ever: you’ll have that collector (or hoarder) gene in you – call it want you want. For example, have you ever actually gone back to your pinterest boards and revisited that ombré DIY cut-off shorts tutorial you wanted to try back in 2013? Well, then I make my point. image Although I’m mildly throwing shade, I too am oneRead More →

My family’s yearly trip to the coast is like deja vu in its best sense. The hidden gem of Chintsa Bay in East London never seems to change. We’ve been going there for 14 years. Each year I progress into a different but similar version of myself, but Chinsta? – it always stays the same. There’s a beauty in it’s slow development. It acts as the preservative of my childhood summers. Like memories of catching jumbo crabs at the midnight hour, taking horse rides down the beach, making sand boats or fishing in the early mornings. After my 20th birthday this year, I thought thatRead More →

Day to day my life has been directed by this quote: ‘Do the kind of things that come from the heart, When you do, you won’t be dissatisfied, you won’t be envious, you won’t be longing for somebody else’s things. On the contrary, you’ll be overwhelmed with what comes back.’  This quote in its essence is so pure yet it was so cutting. I was faced with a situation where kindness wasn’t the rational reaction. I believe kindness is always the answer regardless of how people treat you – if the person deserves it or not. I know what it feels like to be onRead More →

Eating oats for breakfast has been my favourite thing – verging on a year now. I don’t have to tell you how easy it is, but the reason I love it is that the possibilities are endless. You can use whatever’s lying around and still have a healthy, yummy breakfast that’s quick and easy. Even though my passion for oats and finding really cool new recipes can span oceans – I became content on eating it the same way every morning. This was true until I found this lovely recipe by Deliciously Ella. Has anyone ever heard of baked oats before? I certainly haven’t –Read More →

As a follow up to my previous post: Personalised gifts: Embroidery here I have a DIY version – just in time for the festive season. One of my dearest friends had the lovely idea of making personalised t-shirts for each of her family members for Christmas. When I finally saw the end result I was stunned at how cute and well crafted her designs were. The great thing is that it’s a lot easier than you expect and very inexpensive. She picked up plain white t shirts for a very good price and sowed on her designs with black thread and a needle. It’s thatRead More →

Lately I’ve been on a mission. I’ve been trying to find ‘health’ brownies that are actually easy to make and that don’t taste half bad. This recipe has definitely been a life saver. One of my friends even went as far as to declare them her favourite brownie – that’s a pretty big deal. A hardcore chocolate cake and brownie lover also, surprisingly, developed a liking for them. That must be the ultimate achievement. When you know – you know.  These brownies are no fuss and don’t even require mixing equipment. You can make them with ingredients you probably have lying around and what’s reallyRead More →

Substance What do you value in your life? Is the first thing that comes to mind materialist objects? Or is it the things you can’t put words to – that’s intangible yet has value beyond measure? Something that we all seek, if we’d have to narrow it down, is love. Acceptance. This can come in many forms and yet can all satisfy the same need.     Experience This year has been filled with eyeopening experiences – especially of diversity. Pursuing a tertiary education launched that initial shock and excitement of new social endeavours. An exposure to people with differing cultures, personalities, behaviours and viewpoints.Read More →