Recently my family and I made an arrangement. Each sibling decided on a day they’ll cook in the week. We’d have complete freedom on what we’d make – the only limit is our imagination (well, that and our little knowledge of cooking and inexperienced taste buds). Nonetheless, the results have been spectacular thus far. It all started with my parents going overseas for 10 days – leaving us kids to fend for ourselves. It was an adjustment but through effective planning and team work we actually did a pretty great job at maintaining the fort. My older brother and I roughly planned what we’d beRead More →

Living with oily/ combination skin for the majority of my life has been a roller coaster ride. We, my skin and I, have seen good and bad days. but, mostly bad. Due to the many struggles of troublesome skin I’ve picked up a few tips. These tips could be helpful for those of you in a similar situation. However, I’m in no shape or form an expert. It’s always beneficial to seek the advice of a certified dermatologist first and foremost. But enough of that, let’s get to the good stuff:  In essence, Oily skin is a skin condition in which the glands in yourRead More →

Clips have made a comeback. They’re more beautiful and trendy than ever before. The only question is where do you get your hands on them? Lucky for you, I’ve listed a number of the cutest local online boutiques that stock the prettiest clips I could find. Happy Shopping! Frances and The Frills Lovisa Zara Gilded Candy Cotton on Carry Ann Bags Accessorize image credit image credit image credit image creditRead More →

Who’s Who Do you know Jackson’s Real Food Market? Well, you should. Sustainable. Eco-friendly. Organic. It’s a health-conscious consumer’s candy land. You’re in for a treat.  They’re all about giving you what’s best for your body. No GMO’s, preservatives or colourants. All their food is sourced from organic developing farmers.How do they provide you with the freshest ingredients? Well, their in-store produce is replenished in two-day cycles. It’s basically still growing: it’s that fresh.  The owner, Gary Jackson, expressed his venture as being a ‘grocerant’ (grocery store & restauarant). Half of the store is stocked with local produce and the other is a fine-dining area. HowRead More →

Desired Result Glowy, youthful, blemishless skin. That’s the goal, right? I don’t know about you but I’ve always wondered how makeup artists make runway model’s skin look so amazing – like they’re not even wearing foundation. Surely, that’s when you know you’ve done it right. Glossier Recently, the ‘my skin but better’ foundation look has been getting a lot of attention. For this look exactly, most beauty influencers have been using Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint. It’s a very sheer coverage liquid foundation that doesn’t intend to cover. It evens your complexion slightly while also reducing redness to some extent. It’s a glowly skin-like formula thatRead More →

Ever heard of Physicians Formula’s bronzer that smells like a tropical vacation and applies like a dream? Their Murumuru Butter Bronzer has been making some waves in the global beauty community. All you seem to hear is that it’s one of those jackpot products from the drugstore: it’s inexpensive, smells heavenly, easy to blend and is the perfect colour. All things considered, the reason I’m excited is that it’s finally available in South African drugstores. Where can you find this? It’s available at Dischem along with the Butter Blushes.Read More →

You know that moment when you realise the solution to your problem was staring you right in the face? That happened to me not too long ago. What is it? You might ask. Well, the simple answer is hypoallergenic mascara. Ever since I can remember, wearing makeup was a challenge. Partially because when you’re a newbie the overexcitement results in you intentionally, but obliviously, giving yourself racoon eyes or joker’s lips – without it being Halloween. However, this wasn’t the main problem. Eye makeup always made me tired. I would feel sleepy, minutes after application, which influenced how I enjoyed social occasions. I didn’t know whatRead More →

Lip Liner. To some, this is one of those makeup products you don’t really see a use for or don’t even bother using. Why wear a lip liner when you’re going to apply a lipstick over? There are many reasons one would do so: like creating a shading effect on your lips or making your lipstick last longer. Ironically, that’s not how I’ve come to use lip liners. Years ago I hopped onto the lip liner trend thanks to the influence that Kylie Jenner had on the beauty industry. That was the first time I discovered Mac’s Lip Pencils and the different dupe products thatRead More →

One thing that I’ve come to love is wearing nail polish. This might be an odd statement, but between adhering to school rules and being more tom-boyish than I’d admit I never really cared about something like painting my nails. The reason for this change is solely accredited to Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish. Sometime in the December holidays, my mom thought it would be a good idea to find a basic nail polish colour that could be worn every day. Not long after we set out to our nearest Dischem and viewed their selection. I was instantly drawn to Sally Hansen’s range as I’dRead More →

Designer prices are no joke. Nonetheless, It makes sense to justify the price of the purchase: it’s trendy, well-made and beautiful – wrong. There are people that would give up an arm and a leg for a designer item. Thankfully, there are less extreme methods of obtaining a Gucci bag whilst keeping your extremities intact – and that does not mean selling your kidneys. If you’ve come across my post: Duty-free Shopping Guide: Part 1 you’re aware that being frugal and shopping luxuries can be done simultaneously. So if you want bomb timeless products at a discount – you’re in the right place.   Perfume Perfume is an airport classicRead More →