Many seem to marvel at French women’s beauty. Their Flawless skin, perfect hair and slim figures. Most might blame it on good genetics but what should actually be accredited is their effortless beauty routines.

Step 1

Beautiful skin starts with your diet and skincare routine: this is the sad truth. Eventually, what you put in your body and onto your skin has a large impact on your appearance. The great thing is that French women have simple ways of achieving results. They swear by drugstore products. Besides using popular french skincare brands, Bioderma’s Micellar Water is what almost every French woman recommends. It can be used as a cleanser, toner or makeup remover. Some go as far as accrediting this micellar water for their clear skin.

Step 2

Don’t apply a full face of foundation. The French are more fond of covering what needs to be covered and leaving the rest of their skin to peek through. Less is more in terms of foundation. Using concealer on blemishes only is also good for a natural look. They want their skin to get the credit for their beauty – not the makeup. Mac’s Face and Body Foundation is perfect if you can’t go without a full face of foundation but still want to look natural. It’s very sheer coverage and gives the skin a beautiful glow. I’d recommend that you powder just the t-zone to prevent looking oily – Mac’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder is great for this.

Step 3

Never contour. French Beauty relies heavily on your natural beauty and so changing the structure of your face is something they avoid. They would rather add highlight to their face – giving a contour effect.

Step 4

Choose a focal point. Instead of bringing attention to your eyes, brows, cheeks and lips at the same time pick one feature to accentuate. French women are known for their red lipstick but if you look closely the rest of their makeup is very subtle – even the eyes. To subtly accentuate your lips use a lip liner that’s close to your natural lip colour but then blend it out with your finger and apply a clear lip balm over it or use a coloured lip balm on its own. If you don’t mind spending a hefty sum on YSL’s Tint-In-Balm; it’s all you’ll ever want for a natural look – you can also pick it up in the duty-free section if you fly internationally.

Step 5

Always curl your lashes. The French love their mascara and so to frame your eyes better curling your lashes gives them the illusion of volume.



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