I’ve never really been a sandal kind of gal. It was always sneakers and socks. I foolishly put up with feeling uncomfortably hot in the summer months just because wearing anything else was unimaginable. This was until I discovered slip-on sandals – where have they been all my life? This wakeup call lead to finding killer style look-a-likes for sandals frequently worn by fashion enthusiasts and models alike. The other great thing is that they’re easily attainable and, if you choose right, will never go out of style.

I was so impressed my Woolworths’s shoe selection this season that all of my top picks are from them. One pick that I was blown away by was their Metallic Trim Mules. These shoes are almost an exact match to designer leather mules at a fraction of the price. Instead of paying about R1500.00 for the real deal you can get it for R350.00 without compromising quality.


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