Shaving’s one of those things I have a love-hate relationship with. Yes, smooth legs are sensational but do I necessarily enjoy doing it every week? – that would be a no.

Sometimes I just can’t see the point of shaving. What’s fun about having little scabs at your ankles that make wearing shoes uncomfortable or removing the glorious layers of your summer tan? It also takes up a lot of time that we can probably invest into something more beneficial. When was the last time you noticed that someone didn’t shave? I find it interesting that most people don’t notice anything. We’re all probably concentrating on how we look or when the last time we shaved was.

Even though I find shaving more bitter than sweet – I admit that having shaved legs is pleasant and comfortable. During winter I went running at the gym and the friction my leg hairs experienced caused me to unleash an electrical discharge onto anything I touched – not cute.

The point that I’m getting to is that I think I found shaving products that make shaving weekly more bearable and brief. Nivea men sensitive shaving foam is something I can’t do without; its gel-like formula satisfyingly turns into a foam when you rub it on your skin and makes it easy for you to keep track of where you’ve shaved. A little goes a long way and so if you use it wisely it’ll last you a surprisingly long time. Gilette’s Venus Breeze Blades prevent razor burn and give your legs a soft-smooth finish with the gel rim around the blades. Some can use the Venus Razer just on its own but I prefer to use it with the shaving cream.

What are your favourite shaving products? Share them in the comments below.

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