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Do you know Jackson’s Real Food Market? Well, you should.

Sustainable. Eco-friendly. Organic. 
It’s a health-conscious consumer’s candy land. You’re in for a treat. 

They’re all about giving you what’s best for your body. No GMO’s, preservatives or colourants. All their food is sourced from organic developing farmers.
How do they provide you with the freshest ingredients? Well, their in-store produce is replenished in two-day cycles. It’s basically still growing: it’s that fresh. 

The owner, Gary Jackson, expressed his venture as being a ‘grocerant’ (grocery store & restauarant). Half of the store is stocked with local produce and the other is a fine-dining area. How cool is that?

Gary Jackson’s health-conscious brand philosophy comes from his personal awareness of how important ‘gut health’ is for your livelihood. Making extreme changes to his personal eating habits: paved the way for us to enjoy good food and live a long time too.

Online? Yes!

The launch of their new menu not only included new foods but also the incorporation of online ordering. 

Jackson’s partnered with One Cart – a small startup company- to bring fresh ingredients right to your doorstep. Customers can interact with their personal online – helping you to make the best product choices. Which is really great, I mean who really knows the difference between cocoa and cacao? – I thought so. They pack your cart 15min before it needs to be sent out which will arrive via nifty scooters in no time. 

Finer details

Fancy bulk- buying? Well, that’s all you’ll want to be doing at Jackson’s. Choice health products are sourced directly from suppliers and packed at Jackson’s to give you the benefits all round: health and cost wise.

The question that’s probably been weighing on your heart: what about plastic straws? Not only do they support the #strawssuck movement but their in-store plastic bags are 100% biodegradable and disappear within 8 weeks of dumping. They’re silky and environmentally savvy.

The Food, Dude

Now, for what you’ve all probably been waiting for: the food. 
I had the opportunity to meet the talented chef behind their tasty new dishes 

Their new menu is spectacular. It includes a variety of meals from meat-loving to vegan. All equally delicious. I was also blown away by their vegan burger patty which mimics the taste and texture of meat so closely.

Their smoothie bowls and oat selection would make any gym bunny cry. For the low-carb lovers out there – their pizza is a must. The pizza bases are made out of almond flour and cheese. The serving portions for the vegan food and salad bowls were very generous – no doubt you’ll be receiving all your vitamins and minerals. 

Sharing is caring

Jackson’s attention to the little details put the cherry on top of this experience. The presentation of the food was impeccable. Every ingredient seemed to have its purpose: nutritionally and in terms of flavour. They seem to care about everyone: you and your well-being, their suppliers, their staff and future generations.

We need more businesses who take sustainability above and beyond what is generally accepted. The only thing they haven’t covered yet is vegan desserts. And for that, I bet we’ll all be on the edge of seats.


All the lovely photos were taken by the very talented Kate de Wet who kindly let me use them for my post. Go check out her account – definitely worth a glance.

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