I thought I’d start off this month with a recap of March. March is always a busy month. We start off our varsity semester tests but yet I still had enough time to frantically binge on movies and series – why am I not surprised? Apparently, procrastination makes you more creative. Not sure how well that turned out. Here are some of the things I tried or discovered this month: Music Lauv’s new album July by Noah Cyrus Selena Gomez’ new album Better Days by One republic Wrong Direction by Hailee Steinfeld I’ve always had this curiosity when it comes to celebrities and who they’reRead More →

Starting this month, I want to blog every day. Not in a ‘I’m pressured and it’s weighing me down’ kinda way. More in a, ‘I’ve found so many wonderful things I want to remember and I get to share’ kinda way. If you’re like any human ever: you’ll have that collector (or hoarder) gene in you – call it want you want. For example, have you ever actually gone back to your pinterest boards and revisited that ombré DIY cut-off shorts tutorial you wanted to try back in 2013? Well, then I make my point. image Although I’m mildly throwing shade, I too am oneRead More →

My sugar journey was been an interesting one. I won’t bore you with the details but, a few years ago I decided to give up refined sugar. It all started with watching That Sugar Film. Since then I’ve been searching for healthier desserts. Desserts which are nutritious, tasty and simultaneously satisfy that sugar craving. We recently entertained one of our neighbours – who’s from Serbia. She’s not a fan of very sweet and sugary desserts and so my Dad decided to make something special. He was reminded of a truly delicious french recipe that only has three ingredients. Yes, three ingredients. Baked fruit recipes haveRead More →

Not shortly after I posted my Face It post, on how I cleared my oily & problematic skin, I came across a spring of information that lead to so many revelations about skincare. I cannot tell you how excited I am – I can barely contain myself. You better hold onto your seat – it’s that good. This whole process was like an avalanche. One new piece of information lead to another which resulted in me finally finding an overwhelming amount of information which not only allows me to finally clear my acne for good but also explains what I have and why I haveRead More →

Recently my family and I made an arrangement. Each sibling decided on a day they’ll cook in the week. We’d have complete freedom on what we’d make – the only limit is our imagination (well, that and our little knowledge of cooking and inexperienced taste buds). Nonetheless, the results have been spectacular thus far. It all started with my parents going overseas for 10 days – leaving us kids to fend for ourselves. It was an adjustment but through effective planning and team work we actually did a pretty great job at maintaining the fort. My older brother and I roughly planned what we’d beRead More →

Living with oily/ combination skin for the majority of my life has been a roller coaster ride. We, my skin and I, have seen good and bad days. but, mostly bad. Due to the many struggles of troublesome skin I’ve picked up a few tips. These tips could be helpful for those of you in a similar situation. However, I’m in no shape or form an expert. It’s always beneficial to seek the advice of a certified dermatologist first and foremost. But enough of that, let’s get to the good stuff:  In essence, Oily skin is a skin condition in which the glands in yourRead More →

My family’s yearly trip to the coast is like deja vu in its best sense. The hidden gem of Chintsa Bay in East London never seems to change. We’ve been going there for 14 years. Each year I progress into a different but similar version of myself, but Chinsta? – it always stays the same. There’s a beauty in it’s slow development. It acts as the preservative of my childhood summers. Like memories of catching jumbo crabs at the midnight hour, taking horse rides down the beach, making sand boats or fishing in the early mornings. After my 20th birthday this year, I thought thatRead More →

Clips have made a comeback. They’re more beautiful and trendy than ever before. The only question is where do you get your hands on them? Lucky for you, I’ve listed a number of the cutest local online boutiques that stock the prettiest clips I could find. Happy Shopping! Frances and The Frills Lovisa Zara Gilded Candy Cotton on Carry Ann Bags Accessorize image credit image credit image credit image creditRead More →

What’s better than your favourite store having a sale? Below are some lovely pieces worth your while. Image creditRead More →

Who’s Who Do you know Jackson’s Real Food Market? Well, you should. Sustainable. Eco-friendly. Organic. It’s a health-conscious consumer’s candy land. You’re in for a treat.  They’re all about giving you what’s best for your body. No GMO’s, preservatives or colourants. All their food is sourced from organic developing farmers.How do they provide you with the freshest ingredients? Well, their in-store produce is replenished in two-day cycles. It’s basically still growing: it’s that fresh.  The owner, Gary Jackson, expressed his venture as being a ‘grocerant’ (grocery store & restauarant). Half of the store is stocked with local produce and the other is a fine-dining area. HowRead More →